Discover the latest version of OPTIS GENESIS’ sound lab for industry, LEA 2017

OPTIS GENESIS, expert in sound quality, announces the latest version of LEA, one of the best known software package in the fields of signal analysis, sound design and psychoacoustics. Strengthening OPTIS’ portfolio since the acquisition of GENESIS Acoustics, LEA 2017 delivers significant enhancements and additional features for the analysis and simulation of sound perception in various industries including automotive and aerospace. Furthermore, a completely new compatibility facilitates the review of acoustics using Virtual Reality equipment.

December 1st, 2016 | Products


Tailoring the product to the users’ needs

Different users meaning different needs, LEA 2017 presents a simplified offer with 4 options.  Users working with the Standard Module of LEA, dedicated to acoustics analysis, with recording, analysis, sound design by drawing into the Time-Frequency image of the signal, and reporting capabilities, can now complete their software with one or several of four modules depending on their needs:

  •  PSYCHO, dedicated to the analysis of the sound perception
  •  3D TRANS, for the perfect 3D sound rendering
  •  ORDERS, dedicated to order analysis and harmonics detection
  •  XTRACT, for the denoising and automatic sound separation

Easing sound design with new ergonomics

LEA lets users focus on the sound design, not on how to use the software. The goal is to help LEA users work smarter and get software usability questions off their mind, with a more intuitive interface, fewer picks and clicks and an increased flexibility. LEA’s interface now proposes a simplified and user-friendly version of the software, saving time in the realization of any sound project. Stéphane Molla, LEA Product Manager for OPTIS, says:


With its new intuitive design, LEA is now easier to use to study design sound in any industry.

Accelerating processes

Among the important enhancements brought by LEA 2017 is the faster performance of the software within 64 bits environments. Stéphane Molla says:


Now developed for 64 bits systems only, LEA’s leads to more accurate calculations, adding the ability to open larger files than before

Most LEA features have been enriched, resulting in shorter load times, and a wider choice in terms of export formats of data. LEA thus speeds up the design and analysis processes, and helps reduce time and effort to achieve the desired sound result. The company has also worked on optimizing sound reproduction in 3 dimensions, to better meet the needs of its users, and current playback capabilities. The Head of Acoustics and Vibration dept. at Valeo says:


It takes me 2 minutes to do something that used to take half an hour.

Reviewing acoustics towards Sound Design in Virtual Reality

OPTIS GENESIS now connects LEA to its Virtual Reality solutions, to facilitate advanced sound analysis. Embedding sounds in a scene and adapting them to a product, OPTIS Virtual Reality solutions take collaboration around the sound review to the next level. OPTIS GENESIS customers can now experience their sound designs in collaborative virtual environments, to understand how their end-users will react to various sounds and if sounds match – or not – with products. The ultimate goal is to help them make comprehensive choices in terms of acoustics, to make them able to deliver products whose sound quality matches the global quality to market.

Stéphane Molla concludes:


LEA 2017 saves time, improves your sound analysis and explores new horizons in terms of acoustics and sound perception in a more user-friendly way, thanks to many features’ improvements.

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OPTIS, the virtual prototyping company, brings life and emotion to all industrial projects. Its world-leading solutions pave the way for a revolutionary design process: towards zero physical prototype. Since 1989, OPTIS offers its know-how in light and human vision simulation into famous CAD/CAM software and dedicated virtual immersive solutions. This synergy creates true-to-life virtual mock-ups which are used as real decision-making tools. Today, more than 2500 clients in over 50 countries already trust OPTIS and innovate day after day with its solutions to ensure the look and safety of their designs, reduce their ecological footprint and bring their future products faster on the market. Since 2015, OPTIS expanded its portfolio with the solutions of GENESIS, the French leader in sound simulation and perception, adding sound quality processing and analysis of the human perception of sound to its offer.




OPTIS GENESIS is a world leader in the field of Sound Design and Acoustic Simulators. OPTIS GENESIS provides tools and techniques to make the sounds in the environment better, more comfortable and more significant. They offer their competencies in the form of products, consulting and research works. Specialized in consulting and software products, they are experts in psychoacoustics, acoustic signal processing, sound design and soundscape simulation. As a pioneer in perception analysis, 3D playback and simulation, OPTIS GENESIS is involved in many research projects with major companies and world-class research institutes. OPTIS GENESIS’ solutions are established as a market standard for sound design applications since 2003. Their solutions are used every day by experts in the automobile industry as well as aeronautic, railway, defense, audio, consumer and telecom industries.

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