OPTIS & Virtual Reality

OPTIS VR suite(Interactive Virtual Reality solutions) facilitates the decision making process of globally operating interdisciplinary teams in replacing physical prototypes, involving stakeholders of production and maintenance in early phases of the product development process and reducing communication barriers.

June 26th, 2014 | Products


This technology helps to get proper decision faster and with a much better common understanding, higher level of confidence and less iterations in the decision making process.

No industrial company can live without it

Real time Physics based rendering of products that do not yet exist in reality.


The technologies behind this capability are HIM (the Realistic Human Experiment Analysis), THEIA-RT (the first truly real time physics based renderer), SPEOS (The Optics, light & human vision simulation software), VRXperience (The Physics Simulator) and hardware OMS2 (The OPTIS Material scanner), which contribute to add reality to your rendering.

OPTIS goes one step further

With the use of next generation GPU render in the industry leading virtual reality applications of OPTIS, 3D-data is visualized in previously unprecedented physics based quality including 1:1 real-time interaction.

In many companies, there are three groups of 3D data users: the design, the engineering and the marketing departments. Often these departments do not work together but generate new data from scratch, even when the data already exists. The reason for that is simple: all departments use separate software products for the rendering and data processing.  OPTIS VR suite changes all of this. The complete process of high-end 3D rendering can be based on one software platform – The OPTIS VR suite from Virtual Reality Leader and pioneer OPTIS.


“A lot of companies miss physics based rendering quality in their virtual reality scenes, because they are generated by CAD systems that do not offer these possibilities," said, Jacques Delacour CEO of OPTIS and adds: "Many marketing departments with special applications try to create the future in 3D again. With the option to use the same renderer by all parties, we build a bridge between these areas."

The OPTIS VR suite is the leading software for targeted, interactive decision-making on the basis of Virtual Reality. The OPTIS VR suite provides a platform for a collaborative work of locally, globally and departmentally distributed teams. Organization will realize efficiency potentials that have not yet been lifted through stand-alone and not physics based solutions. Many global companies use OPTIS VR suite that is easily integrated into existing structures and processes.


Areas of application range across the entire product life cycle, from design/styling, engineering, assembly and production planning to marketing, sales and service. The customer receives from OPTIS a complete solution consisting of software, and services as well as the necessary hardware.


With OPTIS, manufacturers of complex products will be enabled to clearly identify and resolve issues in real-time using virtual reality technology to present and communicate realistic products virtually. The OPTIS technology allows for fast, reliable and convenient decisions throughout the whole product development process. It streamlines workflows, reduces errors, and minimizing overlooked issues that evolve into costly downstream problems. Thus, on the basis of virtual product information early, effective and reliable decisions are made, both revenue and cost side lasting positive impact.


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