OPTIS introduces Subscription Licenses for Desktop Products for 2017

Since the beginning of 2017, OPTIS has introduced subscription pricing across its entire software and platform portfolio, to minimize costs and offer more flexibility to its users according to their evolving design conditions.

February 2nd, 2017 | Products

optis subscription licensing

With this definitive cutoff for the availability of perpetual desktop licenses, OPTIS’ statement about the subscription licensing is: the right tools, at the right time, for the right price. Peter Moorhouse, OPTIS Vice President Sales, says:


“OPTIS has always used perpetual desktop licensing as the standard approach for our optical and virtual reality software. But from now on, all our desktop software products will be available only by annual and multiple year subscription. If we want to answer the multiple challenges faced by our customers in this era of new technologies, the shift towards this type of licensing is mandatory in order to deliver more flexibility. For example, in automotive lighting, we observe an acceleration of the needs due to the introduction of new technologies. Our customers, who currently work on headlamps, are increasingly asked to develop intelligent lighting systems, taking into consideration video projectors and camera sensors. Other customers traditionally working on dashboards now work on head-up display projection systems. Our customers’ projects are constantly changing and their challenges are increasing. Offering a subscription license for our lighting solutions is the right answer to support their projects and their business needs.”

With this new subscription pricing, our customers can use only the software they need, when they need it. They will pay only for what they use, with the possibility to easily scale up and down as their workload increases and decreases. Current customers with perpetual licenses purchased prior to the cutoff date can continue to use their products, and benefit from the OPTIS support and maintenance. However, maintaining this model will prove to be less advantageous, as the subscription license offer is in fact less expensive over time and helps to equip our customers faster, answering to the growing demand of their own customers. The subscription model will also make it easier to deliver updates and improvements to end users, as soon as they are released.

Jacques Delacour, OPTIS CEO and founder, adds:


“As they say, all software companies in the future will be cloud companies”.

The move to subscription licensing is only the beginning of the transition of the OPTIS offer towards this all cloud-based model.


 Download the Press Release here