OPTIS leads the race to realism at DSC 2015

OPTIS will unveil the next VRXperience, the physics-based driving simulation solution, dedicated to an ultra-realistic driver experience, at DSC 2015.

September 4th, 2015 | Products

VRXperience | OPTIS


OPTIS is the leading software vendor for the scientific simulation of light, human vision and physically correct visualization. Its software solutions are used as decision-making tools in the automotive industry and OPTIS has become a standard in life-like simulations and ergonomics. OPTIS is Platinum sponsor of the Driving Simulation Conference in Germany.


Forget the 2D driving simulators you have used before: OPTIS presents the new 3D version of the VRXperience solution, dedicated to lifelike realism. Deployed on a wrap around 3D screen, VRXperience recreates an exact driving experience. How? Thanks to the simulation of various weather conditions, from fog to atmospheric attenuation, and of motion blur, making the speed driving feel real and smoothing motion out. VRXperience also mimics the visual perception of the driver and passenger, to check the eye adaptation to and compensation for rapid light changes and create safer vehicles. Now, for the first time in 3D, drive on real-life tracks and perform a full virtual simulation to validate the car interior, headlights, dashboard lights, rear-view mirrors and even head-up displays. The simulator also prepares the future of car lighting with the possibility to virtually test intelligent and powerful matrix beam headlights prototypes. OPTIS will also give a special talk, on Friday, about the real-time optically accurate image rendering, to help simulator users (car manufacturers and research institute) understand the role and the impact of new technologies in automobile’s market.


September 16 to 18, 2015


Kupferbau, 5 Hölderlinstr. 72074 Tübingen, Germany