OPTIS releases OMS2 2018, addresses challenges of automotive & aircraft trim

Latest software and hardware capabilities help designers deliver safer, more aesthetically appealing exterior and interior trims

November 22nd, 2017 | Products

OMS 2018

OPTIS, the leading software vendor for scientific simulation of light, human vision and physically correct visualization, today announces the release of OMS2 2018, the latest version of the OPTIS hardware and software used to virtually test multiple materials and color possibilities in pursuit of the best design.


Color and material teams can use OMS2 2018 to design more innovative interior and exterior trims by quickly and efficiently exploring many creative concepts. The core of the new version of OMS2 maintains cost and time effectiveness while offering the best possible design for every passenger. Further, the new OPTIS Virtual Lighting Box, integrated into the software, answers the growing demand for digital materials.

“A digital material is the result of combining several different materials, for instance, rigid and flexible materials, in specific concentrations and microstructures to create a proprietary and innovative material with hybrid characteristics. All possible combinations are preconfigured and selectable in OMS2 to ensure predictable, repeatable results when varying shade, flexibility, and color intensity. Then, designers can create their own material and produce photorealistic details with the OPTIS Virtual Lab.”

said Anthony Jouanin, Hardware & Measurements Business Lead at OPTIS. 


“With the latest VR technologies, you can now visualize and interact with your digital material as with a real one. Your eyes will not catch the difference!”

said Nicolas Dalmasso, Innovation Director at OPTIS.


Thanks to OPTIS’s latest developments, automotive and aerospace designers can also handle very complex materials with a highly accurate definition. These capabilities are due much in part to OPTIS’s work around the Real Appearance R&D project, which helps to build a bridge between the design and engineering communities to enable a smooth and continuous workflow from first creative concept stage to accurate specifications and validation, all in a single working environment. Dalmasso added: 


“With this new version, you can even visualize dust on a desk, finger marks on touch devices or velvet hairs in real time. OMS2 is compatible with VIZOO’s xTex acquisition device that, in combination with the OMS2 scanning device, brings the virtual material experience to the highest level of accuracy and creativity.”

OPTIS first presented the latest software and hardware capabilities of OMS2 during the Lighting, Materials & Design Conference 2017. The OPTIS team and many other material, design, and color specialists gathered on the barge “La Belle Vallée” on Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2017, in Paris, for technology sessions in optical research, material science and design integration of advanced concept.



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