OPTIS releases OptisWorks 2016, a unique software solution dedicated to lighting simulation

Enabling lighting design and optimization from Concept to Production

January 13th, 2016 | Products


OPTIS, software specialist in the scientific simulation of light and human vision, announces the latest version of its lighting simulation and luminaire design solution, OptisWorks 2016 (OptisWorks is now SPEOS ). Addressing the needs of engineers and designers in lighting, luminaire and architecture areas, OptisWorks precisely predicts the outcome of complete lighting installations. For lighting specialists, this means saved time and cost throughout the entire luminaire design cycle, from the early concept phase to the production of lighting systems. But OptisWorks even goes further by helping architects develop innovative future buildings thanks to high quality and predictive simulations certified by the CIE 171:2006 standard.



OptisWorks from OPTIS is a toolset for optimizing light in any product directly in SOLIDWORKS®. This solution lets designers and engineers to simulate and optimize lighting performance, colors, optical effects, lit appearance of their projects in any conditions, in a fully-immersive CAD environment. OptisWorks thus offers a complete solution from optical design to photometric optimization, through to product visualization, all within one software.

Today, OPTIS presents an updated version of OptisWorks. This version includes adjusted ergonomics for an optimal use. Jacques Delacour, OPTIS CEO and Head of Technology, says:



“Our users need to focus on their design, not on the software. For a better flexibility, we have worked on a smarter interface and further blended the interface of OptisWorks with SOLIDWORKS®’ interface. We reduced the number of picks and clicks, provided an easier access to commands and an intuitive use of the interface. We thus want to place intelligent light right at the fingertips of our users.”

But lighting and architects specialists also need solutions for a faster and easier design and development. With these challenges in mind, OPTIS offers with OptisWorks 2016 new tools and process enhancements. Users can now automatically create new and various optical elements:  using a single model, they can quickly choose between different optical and lighting design options and enhance their prototypes. OptisWorks 2016 also provides a better management of the material properties of the products and parts, and many LEDs and materials types are now available from the OPTIS Library, reducing drastically the development time usually required to design an innovative products: users can test and change them within a simple click.

Jacques Delacour sums up:



“Since luminaire systems and architectural projects may contain lots of parts, it’s very difficult to find the factors that influence the aspect of light and the mood created by the light. This is why the OPTIS technology combines light simulation and human vision simulation: decisions can be made virtually on reliable visualizations of the future product. With OptisWorks, users can easily test light performance and comfort to make the right design choices. OptisWorks 2016 really aims at offering lighting designers and architects new ways of working, helping them save money and time effectively.”

OPTIS presents this new version during the 8th edition of the LIGHTING JAPAN show from January 13 to 15 2016 in Tokyo.


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