OPTIS to unveil a complete human experience of high tech products at CES 2016

For the first time, future users are able to actually test products that does not yet exist, in Virtual Reality, thanks to the multi-sensory experience developed by OPTIS.

Tech West, Sands, Hall G – booth 80938

December 23rd, 2015 | Products



How to enable industries and end-user customers to use and improve high tech products before they exist? During the CES, OPTIS will present a new experience simulator connected to a Virtual Reality software, VRXperience.


With OPTIS VRXperience, you can put yourself in the user’s place and predict his or her interactions with a product still at the prototyping phase. Based on exact physical vision and sound simulation, VRXperience delivers only reliable, true to life feelings. In an immersive and multi-sensory experience, you virtually pilot intelligent products: the safest way to optimize them early in the design process and to create an engaging end-user experience.


Come to our booth at the CES! You will discover for example how automotive manufacturers design future autonomous vehicles by using OPTIS’ Virtual Reality and simulators, amongst various immersive experiences.


OPTIS, the leading software vendor for the scientific simulation of human vision and acoustics. Its software solutions are used as decision-making tools in top 500 corporations worldwide since 1989. Today, OPTIS has become a standard in life-like simulations and ergonomics.


January 6 to 9, 2016

International CES (The International Consumer Electronics Show)

Tech West, Sands, Hall G – booth 80938  (Eureka Park Marketplace)



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