OPTIS to unveil the new version of its HIM solution during the Laval Virtual

With a new version of HIM dedicated to the automotive industry, OPTIS will introduce the next step in virtual reality for industrial ergonomics solutions during the Laval Virtual, from April 8 to 12 2015.

March 25th, 2015 | Products


After the successful implementation of its solutions by key-players in this sector such as Audi, Ford and BMW, OPTIS established itself as a standard in life-like simulations and ergonomics.


Today, in order to further answer the needs of its clients, OPTIS has created a new version of its HIM solution, to be unveiled soon. 
Since 2012, OPTIS has been developing a unique virtual reality technology, already successfully implemented by prestigious automotive manufacturers as Bentley and Renault HIM. HIM allows a user equipped with virtual reality glasses, helmet, or simply using an avatar, to freely explore a life-size 3D environment. OPTIS also endows this environment with highly photo-realistic renderings to strengthen the immersive aspect of the experience.


Drawing on its success, OPTIS will introduce the new version of its HIM solution dedicated to the Automotive industry during the Laval Virtual, from April 8 to 12 2015. This version simulates the interactions between humans and intelligent machines and will enable its users to learn how to work on highly specific and robot-assisted tasks. For example, it will be possible to simulate operators work stations as well as their actions in complex assembly lines.During the Laval Virtual, visitors will have the opportunity to try out HIM on real industrial use cases and discover all the advantages virtual reality can bring.


OPTIS has also worked on a different version of the solution dedicated to aerospace companies, HIM for Aerospace, developed in partnership with AIRBUS Group. HIM for Aerospace will be introduced by OPTIS during a preview showing at the International Paris Airshow from 15 to 21 June 2015.


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