SPEOS HPC : large computing power and time gain

SPEOS HPC, the newest arrival of the OPTIS offer, permits to deploy the company’s solutions and get high quality simulation in almost real time. Watchwords for this progress: Rapidity, efficiency and new possibilities due to High Performance Computing!

June 13th, 2016 | Products


OPTIS launches SPEOS HPC, a new version of its award-winning solution SPEOS, providing simulations’ results in a highly reduced time thanks to HPC technology. Arousing from the European Clistine project -meant to improve large computing power – SPEOS HPC solutions can realize very complex operations to preview light and ergonomics simulations, with the highest possible accuracy, almost in real time.



“ We wanted to improve our offer and give the opportunity to any OPTIS’ users, to win time and preview their virtual mockup as soon as they’re over “


comments Dominique Chabaud, the OPTIS Technical Innovation Expert.



“ The aim is to help customers for critical cases, which are more challenging for them. HPC is a highly scalable solution for any project’s tight time frames. It opens the door to new design possibilities without any compromise with innovation and quality “.

With that in mind, the OPTIS developer team has worked in order to allow rapidity, efficiency, and compatibility for their software use. The objective was to permit an execution of the software both on Windows and Linux clusters. To this end, the software would be executed and read by the two operating systems which will represent a maximum user comfort. This offer also permits a fast intra-group connection transfer and the managing of simulation priorities while getting the results right on time.



“Thanks to this innovation, working with SPEOS is now really comfortable, and it should make the use much more fluent. At the time, SPEOS HPC is the quickest way to preview your lighting and ergonomics simulations, consuming less energy and using less space. Furthermore, the product is compatible with the HPC standards and customer tools like PBS, LSF, Condor … used for the management and scheduling of multi-physical simulations. Easy to integrate into your own tools and processes, OPTIS HPC represents a real benefit for our customer.”

OPTIS already announces that all the range of its products will be available in HPC version, soon!


Download the press release here