Simulate advanced 3D Textures in Pro/ENGINEER® thanks to OPTIS’ SPEOS unique technology

OPTIS' 3D Textures application is now available in SPEOS for Pro/ENGINEER®, the light simulation software fully integrated in the CAD program Pro/ENGINEER.

October 13th, 2009 | Products

Pro Engineer

SPEOS enables engineers and designers to carry out complex, integrated mechanical and optical simulation seamlessly within their CAD environment.


3D Textures from OPTIS offers designers of lighting and backlighting advanced optical design capabilities, enabling them to model even the most complex shape of microstructure onto any possible CAD shape and surface and to mix diverse construction materials.


Until now, modeling optical performance of devices in conventional CAD packages proved either impossible or extremely time-consuming and yet today more than ever, managing light and lit appearance is crucial for designing high-performance display systems.


Using the 3D Textures solution from OPTIS, designers and engineers can easily create hundreds of millions of modeled points on surfaces, directly inside Pro/ENGINEER, giving them unparalleled control of how the light behaves. Importantly OPTIS software enables the engineer to take into account human vision and thus simulate how the product will be perceived under any lighting conditions and viewing angle.


SPEOS 3D Textures enables a 3D model to include hundreds of millions of patterns thanks to optimized memory requirement (150Mb needed for 1 million patterns), a rapid loading time OPTIS - ZE La Farlède - BP 275 - 83078 Toulon Cedex 9 - France. Phone : (+33) 4 94 08 66 90 – Fax : (+33) 4 94 08 66 94 and fast simulation time (16 minutes for 4 million patterns). It also offers fully optimized multithreaded and 64bit operation, which other packages cannot match. This unique 3D Textures function will bring both improved design functionality and timesaving in challenging lighting applications such as modeling backlit displays and light guides. It combines with the SPEOS Color LCD Modeler to offer a unique toolset for the LCD display designer.



"Simulating 3D Textures inside Pro/ENGINEER will enable lighting and LCD designers to optimize light propagation, uniformity, and brightness while at the same time reducing the number of light sources. This is a first for such an advanced light management tool inside Pro/ENGINEER, and we see it opening up new design opportunities. The product is already creating a great deal of interest among LCD and light guide manufacturers alike."

Pete Moorhouse, VP Sales & Marketing, OPTIS.