Tailor Sound Design for Home Appliances

Target what really matters in perception to better design the sound of home appliances!

October 16th, 2017 | Consumer Electronics

Sound Design for Electrical Home Appliances

The sound of a product triggers a functional and emotional response, which has a direct impact on the perceived value hence on the buying decision. 

Sound level is an important parameter influencing the sound comfort, but measuring and controlling human perception is a step further.

With OPTIS-GENESIS solutions, explore how to analyze and develop acoustic attributes to create the sound signature of your brand. Discover how to deliver the right sound that reaches your future customers!


Master the sound all along the development process to improve the perceived value of your product: 

  • Identify the sound components and investigate their influence on human perception, individually and as a whole
  •  Analyze recordings, determine their acceptability and build indicators of quality
  • Seamlessly integrate it into your current process.
 Ideal for
  • Electrical home appliances manufacturers
  • Acoustic, Vibration, Perceived Quality and Design departments

Clément Dendievel, Acoustics Engineer





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