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The world needs better and smarter light. Are you ready for it ?

April 12th, 2018 | Lighting

Webinar 12 avril 2018



Thanks to OPTIS virtual prototyping solutions, explore how to improve the complete lighting process.


First, discover how to precisely qualify the light required in any specific context.

Then, learn how to design luminaires virtually, improving the quality, meanwhile drastically reducing the development time and the number of physical prototypes: towards zero prototypes.

Finally, simplify the implementation by reviewing the finish and testing the smart sensor functions in Virtual Reality.

Interested in innovation, positively influencing your brand image, saving time & costs?


  • Imagine specify how, where and when you need light;
  • Design quickly and efficiently create reflectors and lenses, ensuring the compliance with norms and standards;
  • Experience in lifelike usage context, indoor and outdoor

Who should attend ?

All the players who :

  • Need light : cities (streetlighting), brand (retail shops and offices), architects…
  • Create light : industry of light manufacturers and all the supply chains (optical lens, reflectors and LED)
  • Implement light : providers of turnkey lighting solutions

Keynote Speakers

Cedric Bellanger | Product Marketing Manager


Real industry maverick, Cédric has worked successfully in the worlds of PLM, luxury, motorcycles, lighting simulation and VR design. His current focus is understanding the needs of industries for Virtual Reality prototyping and share the value proposition of OPTIS. 


Julien Duchene | Business Developer Lighting Solutions


Julien is a visionary engineer with a 10-year background in optics. He has brought the light simulation to hundreds of companies, from small to giant, all over the world. His goal: make the customers improve their design and development process by taking advantage of the dedicated OPTIS solutions, from optics to Virtual Reality. 


Do not miss this unique occasion to know more about OPTIS and how the company helps its customers to improves their developments by moving to virtual prototyping.


Stay tuned !