Managing changing quality needs in automotive and consumer product industries

Discover how preliminary quality assessment is becoming a must-have in current design processes, for a more streamlined product development lifecycle, with a shortened lead time from concept to production.

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As the perceptive areas of experience and branding are becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s market to impact the consumer’s choices, improving the quality of production to exceed customer’s expectations cost-effectively is now an imperative for manufacturers.
However, design trends change so rapidly that a lengthy development cycle may result in the output of products which no longer match consumer demand. To optimize time-to-market, product stakeholders must improve their efficiency in both product and process design to deliver “right-first-time” products.


As opposed to traditional design and quality tools, new sophisticated quality and visualization tools can help predict manufacturing variation and their impact on perceived quality at an earlier stage, with visual input to address visually perceptive issues. 


With new sophisticated quality and visualization tools, manufacturing variation can be predicted at an earlier stage with visual input to address visually perceptive issues. Unlike pure styling tools, new products help visualize – through graphs, diagrams, visualizations and immersive VR – the effects of manufacturing tolerances on the final product. These new software products don’t simply envisage the ideal product. Instead, the design team is able to implement changes and alter the design in the virtual world. Being able to see the changing effects of their design on the actual quality of the product is crucial to being able to produce high-quality products quickly and efficiently.



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