Architecture Suite

Are you an architect or lighting designer? Do you want to create the most amazing designs? With the OPTIS Architecture Suite, work with light as if it was a tool to come up with attractive, stimulating and inspiring buildings and interiors.


  • Make a masterpiece of any building or place by mastering its lighting and appearance
  • Adapt and modify your projects rapidly and without additional cost according to issues or last-minute specifications
  • Make the most of natural light and develop energy-efficient lighting
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Blend style and efficiency

Light is essential to architecture. OPTIS Architecture suite lets you make the most of light to model space and sparks emotions with design. Develop energy-efficient lighting, without compromising on lighting performance and visual impact. Create singular atmospheres and enhance the perception as you play with light variations. Experiment with natural light and reflections when creating your design, to optimize its use and reduce your building's energy consumption, while increasing the well-being of people living and working in any of your OPTIS designed building.



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Reinvent your creative process

The arrival of LEDs has made light an integral part of interior architectural projects and OPTIS light simulation solution now accompany all your design and material decisions. With this predictive, real-time solution, make comprehensive decisions about design and materials.

Within your design process, encourage collaboration, share designs earlier and test your wildest design ideas freely thanks to virtual prototyping. Because you create for humans, OPTIS software eliminates the guesswork with a unique human vision simulation: what you see on screen is what you will really get in reality.

Accurately simulate your 3D buildings, measure unlimited materials, colors, surface qualities, windows and try them out on the inside and outside of your building. See precisely how light will interact with your architecture, to select the most aesthetic colors, materials, geometries and lighting configurations. Visit your building with virtual life in it before it exists in a virtual reality center: explore all possible configurations to recreate the occupants' experience and make the most suitable decisions before building your project.


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Choosing Materials and Colors has never been so easy!

Discover what's driving the change of materials and colors selection process.

The partnership between OPTIS and GT will give our clients access to the most powerful combination of modeling software available. OPTIS is undoubtedly the global leader in photo-realistic imaging.

Malcolm Davies - Chief Operating Officer | Gehry Technologies