Automotive Suite

Are you an automotive manufacturer or OEM? Are you under constant pressure to deliver new vehicles and new parts in less time and at a lower cost? With the OPTIS Automotive Suite, easily create innovative automotive illumination systems, improve the future design of your vehicle and greatly reduce the time and cost of design and your ecological footprint.


  • Meet performance criteria for an efficient production
  • Comply with safety and environmental regulations
  • Sell more by easily creating the visual signature of your product
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Get it right the first time! More than just pretty pictures, OPTIS simulations accurately show you how your vehicle will look in real life, to help you avoid any costly design mistakes. This way, you can evaluate the final look of your car and lighting before you build expensive prototypes.

Interior & exterior lighting

Enhance driver safety, information, visual comfort and well-being. Create innovative light fixtures, intelligent adaptive lighting and advanced driver assistance systems. Let vehicle mood lighting make the difference when you set the perfect interior car atmosphere by creatively using light. Use head or tail lamps as a signature feature, compliant with regulations and standards.

> Manage your lighting with SPEOS and Theia-RT


Unique driving experience

OPTIS driving simulator lets you experience virtual dynamic drive and test your virtual prototype in real conditions. The possibilities are infinite! OPTIS virtual prototypes are based on real light interactions that bring an unequalled realism to your car interior and exterior - fit and finish. Our unique solutions simulate customer vision, allowing you to preview what they want to see before manufacturing your vehicle.

> Virtually drive your vehicle with VRXperience

Automitive HUD | OPTIS

Perceived quality and virtual training

Visualize aesthetic variations that can risk lowering the perceived quality of your vehicle, sending clients away from your product. Select new concepts that solve aesthetic problems and easily identify potentially sensitive areas directly on your photo-realistic 3D prototype. Perform virtual reality assembly line phases that design future operators tasks and training. 

> Validate your Perceived Quality with Aesthetica and maintain your vehicle with HIM


Styling, engineering, quality and manufacturing teams at the luxury high performance car manufacturer Bentley are using OPTIS' aesthetica manufacturing variation simulation and visualization software to reach agreement on gap and flush conditions, early in the design process, helping to cut time and costs.

The things I like most about SPEOS are its calculation speed, ease of use, fast learning curve and the high-quality support », says Clemens Stöberl. For Ruetz, the success of the operation extends much further than its contract with Audi : the company is now acknowledged as a major OEM in the automotive lighting industry. The confidence of the manufacturer Audi, gained thanks to Ruetz’s partnership with company OPTIS has opened up a new market.

Clemens Stöberl - Engineer | Ruetz