Luxury & Beauty Suite

Are you a luxury goods or beauty and cosmetics company? Do you want to create the most sublime and market-leading products? With the OPTIS Luxury & Beauty Suite, easily master all the design aspects of your product to come up with the most appealing and stirring realizations.


  • Create unique and unforgettable designs and products
  • Reduce prototyping cost and time working with virtual materials
  • Virtually showcase your product and play with light and materials to get the best effect
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Visualizing your luxury items at the moment of conception is now a reality with OPTIS Luxury Suite. Go ahead and create, evaluate and customize your product, adapting it to a wide variety of conditions, without spending on a physical prototype!

Work with virtual products

When your raw materials are precious metals, gemstones or carbon, and when you want to create designs using innovative materials, producing multiple physical prototypes is definitely not a viable option. OPTIS provides the ideal virtual prototyping solution for predictive and reliable visualization that takes into account the real properties of materials and surfaces for a guaranteed realism. OPTIS' unique light, material and perception technology accurately models light interaction with materials, and how people perceive this interaction.

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Luxury & Beauty | OPTIS

Unleash the power of creativity

Add high value and give unequalled realism when you visualize the packaging aspect of your luxury items. Determine the visual appearance and impact of your final product right from the initial design phase; predict, simulate and master real optical effects accurately:  transparency and translucency, rainbows and reflections, pearly and shiny results.


Luxury & Beauty | OPTIS

Create the best customer experience

Showcase your products in advance!  Recreate any customer experience, fully meet their expectations and drive sales. Test different lighting conditions, colors and materials from the OPTIS online libraries. Visualize your product's final aspect, taking human vision into account.  With the OPTIS solutions, simulated colors and materials are exactly the same as in real life! OPTIS optimizes the look of your product, so you can easily make the right decisions for a flawless outcome and the very best perceived quality.

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