Marine & Offshore


  • Pick the most favored options regarding colors and textures, even though the boat is not actually available
  • Verify the way your ship will be assembled, used, maintained and disassembled throughout time
  • Choose the best lighting option, optimize interior lighting and create a specific atmosphere thanks to downlights or architectural lights
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Lighting Simulation

Lighting remains at the heart of many industries’ concerns. And this goes for the maritime industry. Now, simulate all types of traditional marine lighting to innovative lighting products, even for product that are not readily available on the market, for marine and offshore installations.


As with any other way of transport, ships need efficient lighting to ensure a high safety within the darkness of the sea. From recreational boats to navy submarines, all constructions must be able to prevent any major accident from happening. Lighting delivers crucial information on the boat. That is the reason why navigation lights are so important to commercial marine, onshore and offshore energy or the navy. But in order to offer a high level of safety, being sure of the lighting efficiency is primordial.


This challenge can be solved thanks to simulation. Simulation helps improves illumination levels, reduces glare, and enable to remedy for dark spots or operator areas, where lighting is limited. Virtually, optimize the future placement, color, orientation, and type of your lighting, all at the same time. This is essential, as good lighting depends on all these parameters: for instance, you can have the most powerful lighting, a poor light placement with the wrong fixture can nevertheless create issues, and even safety problems. Simulation can help you anticipate these problems easily.


Improve the efficiency and global illumination by simulating efficiently any type of better safety by simulating the lighting range of searchlights and emergency lights. Simulation can also help to optimize performances of key systems such as:

  • Floodlights
  • Helideck lighting
  • Area lighting
  • Outdoor and indoor technical lights

Moreover, from cruise boats to submarines, the interior lighting has a significant importance. SPEOS helps you to optimize an interior lighting and even to create a specific atmosphere thanks to downlights or architectural lights.



The real-time configurator, offered by the OPTIS’ solutions THEIA-RT, allows the exploration of a future product before it even exists considering geographic location, time of day and weather conditions, to offer an accurate preview of a product's appearance in a given environment. You can then choose the most favored options regarding colors and textures. The VR experience lets you visit your product from the inside with a real time rendering and interactions.



Training for Vessel Maintenance & Repair

Constructions like vessels always need to be in a perfect state to ensure quality and safety. That is why heavy checking is performed before the using of the ship: you need to verify the way it will be assembled, used, maintained and disassembled throughout time. But the maintenance of such a way of transportation is not easy and requires time and precision. The training of those in charge of this maintenance is also very time-needy. Thanks to HIM, simulate real interactions between you and your project to train your operators and avoid any potential hazardous or problematic situation.








Software of the Marine and Offshore Suite



The OPTIS VR configurator is extremely accurate in terms of colors and materials definition, and light effects. It is also very flexible in terms of devices to support it: Quintessence Yachts will upload the VR on our website, and use it on mobile phones as well. Headsets are now available at affordable costs and can be used also as a special gift for our best clients or influencers.

Mariella Mengozzi - CEO | Quintessence Yachts