SOLIDWORKS 2018年全球用户大会


与全球超过5000名的工程师和制造业同行一起参加 SOLIDWORKS 用户、经销商、员工、解决方案提供商、企业家及教育工作者和学生的最大聚会。

与 SOLIDWORKS 的合作伙伴见面,预览新技术,并查看由 SOLIDWORKS 客户设计的数百种创新产品!

2018年二月04日 - 2018年二月07日 | 美国加州洛杉矶 | OPTIS 活动


在 SOLIDWORKS WORLD 20年周年庆典上来参观 OPTIS 的222号展厅!

给我们留言 以约定一个会面时间,我们将在222号展厅欢迎您的光临。




Over the course of three full days, learn from more than 5,000 members of the SOLIDWORKS community and more than 200 breakout sessions. Gain insight into specific topics or solutions ranging from design to manufacturing, 3D CAD and simulation, electrical design and schematics, communications, collaboration, and data management.

There is no better place to learn new skills, play with new technology, work with new ideas, connect with fellow engineers and ignite your passion for building great designs, than at the 3D design event of the year.


了解更多与此次活动有关信息,请浏览会议 官网

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