SPEOS Labs & VB Automation

Efficient ways to process results with Speos Labs and VB automation

15 janvier 2018 | Groupe OPTIS


"Processing results is a mandatory step when we want to optimize an optical design or simply characterize the performances of a system. According to the amount of results, this task could be fastidious and would not bring any added-value, except obtaining data.


Colleagues often come to me asking if there is a tool from the shelf that would measure and compare different values extracted from hundreds of XMP maps. My answer is always the same when the tool does not exist (yet): “It would be easy, writing a macro…”. And half an hour later, the tool has been developed and is ready to go!


The main difficulty is to know a programming language, which could be Visual Basic, C++ or even Matlab for instance. Once you let go the preconceived ideas and you have coded your first macro, you start to understand the endless possibilities of Automation and the time gain that it brings.


My last use of Automation was for the analysis of 512 areas to extract the average illuminance and calculate the standard deviation over 13 different results. It took me one hour to write down the macro, several tens of minutes to run it to finally go through the final analysis of the collected data.


But I prefer to highlight the capacities of Automation with this nice video presenting the flux variation of RGB LEDS to modify the mood lighting inside the cabin of a car. " Etienne LESAGE, Project Manager Lead at OPTIS.