IQPC Intelligent Automotive Lighting 2016

Lighting as an element of styling – Lighting in the context of Autonomous Driving - Innovative Light Source Technologies for Interior and Exterior Automotive Lighting

2016年1月27日 - 2016年1月29日 | Hilton Hotel , Duesseldorf, Germany | OPTIS イベント

IAL 2015

Lighting is used as a brand signature to marque identity. Style and safety are the key drivers which are pushing forward the experts of todays’ automotive lighting development. LED technology, which is linked to camera systems, promises a more distinctive illumination to raise drivers comfort. Via sophisticated laser technology it is possible to create virtual situations to enhance safety while saving on energy consumption. Through OLED technology, the variety of aesthetic possibilities seems almost infinite: smart visual communication combined with 3D effects and the fusion of light and body. Whilst heading into the so called age of IoT, automotive lighting technology will also be able to communicate with the infrastructure and other vehicles, which requires advanced software.


Implementing the new technologies to guaranty compatibility, whilst remaining cost efficient, has become the new challenge for OEMs and their supplier. Join the IAL 2016 and meet OPTIS there, to discover the possibility of lighting as a new aesthetic language to convey the brand of the car. Come discuss automotive lighting in the context of autonomous driving and see how to improve OLED technology for automotive use and integration. Discover the latest developments of automotive interior lighting and its possibilities to communicate with the driver. And finally join us to learn about the latest achievements of next-generation LED headlight concepts.



Intelligent Automotive Lighting