Virtual testing for Autonomous Driving systems

Discover why OPTIS Virtual Simulations are the key to developing the sensor vision of your autonomous driving systems.

2017年2月02日 |

OPTIS adas autonomous driving system car

What is it about?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving are meant to drastically increase safety but they need to be tested and validated to act properly in any hazardous situations. Explore how to deliver sensory intelligence with a dynamic testing, exactly reproducing any lighting and weather conditions.


Speaker: Cedric Bellanger - OPTIS Marketing and Communication 


Special Guest: Gilles Gallée - Solutions Director , Autonomous Driving & Simulator 

Who should attend?

Engineers and departs related to:

  • Electrical & Sensors
  • Optics
  • Test and Validation
  • Virtual reality
  • Anyone related to driver assistance and autonomous driving

Interested in innovation, saving validation time & costs?