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Eager to get your high quality OPTIS results as soon as possible? Don't run simulations for hours on your clusters anymore: OPTIS now revolutionizes your process with HPC!

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  • Stay ahead of the competition and be the first on the market
  • Explore more design options
  • Improve your simulations and make better decisions
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A highly scalable solution for your projects’ tight time frames

Complex simulations demanding more and more computing resources are not a problem anymore! Enter a world of performance and agility with HPC, the OPTIS solution to get your high quality simulation results very fast, when you need them.

Whatever your needs are, OPTIS HPC gives you access to High Performance Computing and visualization resources for the quickest virtual prototyping service available. Getting your results more quickly opens the door to new design possibilities: in as much time, explore dozens of design options and select the best one, without any compromise with innovation and quality. OPTIS HPC is thus the quickest way to preview your lighting and ergonomics simulations, consuming less energy and using less space. Moreover reduce your time to market by saving precious time ! 




Choosing OPTIS HPC brings you two ways of shortening your design cycles depending on your needs:                                 

On Premises

Use the power of OPTIS HPC compatible with WINDOWS and LINUX on your own clusters and infrastructures, to manage and plan all your projects as you want. OPTIS HPC is compatible with the HPC standards and with the PBS, LSF and Condor solutions, used for the management and scheduling of multi-physical simulations. This way, you can integrate it easily in your own tools and processes.

Off Premises

Discover OPTIS HPC in SaaS mode, if you need temporary and scalable simulation resources for the time of a project. Simply submit your computing jobs on our secured facilities and quickly visualize your results.


Which OPTIS HPC is made for you?

On premises

  •  Windows & Linux compatible 
  •  Use and amortize your own simulation infrastructure 
  •  Manage your simulation priorities and get your results right on time 
  •  Benefit from fast intra-group connection transfert 

Off premises

  •  Immediate access, immediate results 
  •  Scalability 
  •  Manage unexpected and unusual workloads 
  •  Accessible from everywhere