Flawless Perceived Quality

Does your manufacturing company need to evaluate the perceived quality of a product? Easily meet Zero Defect expectations of your customers! With Aesthetica, simulate all of the tolerance conditions. Change parts and component shapes to create the perfect product.

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  • Seduce customers with the best perceived quality
  • Master the exact assembly of your product
  • Greatly reduce assembly time and reject rates
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Clients’ opinion of your products or brand lies in the quality of the overall look and in tiny but important details which can make the difference.

Vary the concepts

With Aesthetica, display a photo-realistic 3D model of the product and simulate the effects of manufacturing variations, including component shape variation and deformation and the induced gaps.   This way, you can easily identify potentially sensitive areas and vary new concept models to solve aesthetic problems.

Decide on a picture

Aesthetica is designed specifically to visualize variations throughout the entire design process: you can use the same model from the early target specification to tolerance setting and manufacturing issue resolution, without having to recreate models from scratch.


Aesthetica reduces the need for prototypes and eases the early decision-making to get it right the first time, subsequently reducing the development cost and improving the build quality.


This is why this solution is used extensively in the development of most premium and luxury automotive products and by high-tech companies in white goods and aerospace.

Aesthetica quick facts

  • Form and profile variation
  • Shape and surface distortion detection
  • Assembly deformation detection
  • Real life environments & reflections
  • Intelligent geometry update
  • Visual presentation of results
  • Automatic MS report generation
  • Model export to 3rd party visualization software

Make Perceived Quality insensitive to Manufacturing Variation

Deliver high Perceived Quality by improving the robustness of your product design