Human Ergonomics Evaluation

As a project manager, architect or operator do you need to interact with your system? HIM lets you virtually experience complex installations easily.

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  • Increase the comfort and safety of users and operators
  • Virtually train on unavailable and dangerous systems
  • Safely validate assembly and maintenance operations
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Simulate your environment

From the smallest to the biggest projects, when you design complex structures and products, you need to verify the way they will be assembled, used, maintained and disassembled throughout time. 

With HIM, there is no need for real prototypes anymore!

Simulate real interactions between you and the world around you!  HIM, or Human Integrated Manufacturing, is a fully immersive virtual reality tool allowing you to explore a life-size environment in real-time with a human manikin

Train and collaborate easily

Integrated in your industrial process, HIM enables a direct and easy human experimentation on a digital prototype, to reduce design mistakes and greatly speed up your process. From the initial design review, where it helps to get an understanding of the space, proportions and reachability, to the validation of global product ergonomics, through the training of operators, HIM enables people to virtually take the place of a real user.  Use systems as in real life, even on products not available yet or too dangerous to manipulate easily, and simulate interventions in harsh environments. This way, you can improve safety and ergonomics to decrease harshness in real time, and easily evaluate your installation’s overall accessibility and illumination, and also comfort envelopes, required efforts to perform specific tasks and fields of view for the end-users.


HIM offers two different points of view:  a first person view for a fully immersive experience, and the interactive manipulation of a human manikin within the system, to collaboratively work with your team.

HIM quick facts

  • Full-body motion capture
  • 1:1 scale
  • Tracked manikin
  • Stereoscopic visualization
  • Collision detection
  • Real physical behavior
  • Dimensional measurement tools
  • Ergonomics and posture analyses
  • Robots & AUV cooperation