Real-time Color and Material Evaluation

Are you a designer, stylist or engineer who would like to see exactly what a future product looks like in real time? Theia-RT helps you make material decisions in a fully immersive virtual environment. Choose appearance, mood lighting and lit effects in Theia-RT for the best visual signature.

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  • Virtually experience and evaluate your products in real-time
  • Feature your products in special displays and test billions of light and color scenarios
  • Communicate easily: A Theia-RT visualization is worth a thousand words to make the right decision!
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Experience your product

Watching and manipulating an object to see how it looks like under different angles, is what everybody does before buying any product. With Theia-RT, virtually watch and manipulate any product:  interactively experiment lifelike 3D virtual prototypes and ensure your lighting and materials will convey the best emotions.


Can you tell what would be the color of a green car illuminated by a red lamp? You might be surprised! With Theia–RT, you can display your product in any environment, under any lighting conditions, from any point of view, to get the exact look it would have in real life!

Dive into emotional & collaborative design

This powerful virtual reality technology reduces your cost and design cycles by helping you create inexpensive digital mock-ups of your product.

  • Experiment with various design changes without having to build and rebuild physical prototypes, allowing you to make the right decision the first time.
  • Unleash your creativity and experiment with innovative real-world materials, light sources and surfaces.
  • Play with the interactive Theia-RT features to change everything you want with just one click: lights, colors and materials, even transparent ones.
  • See the impact of these variations in real time: easily manipulate and move around your virtual product.
  • Create various scenarios to animate the scene, and associate them to lighting choreographies to give life to your product.
  • Generate interactive movies and digital configurators for lights and materials.
  • Explore the interior and exterior of your product to assess its ergonomics, perfecting the design.

You can easily share your experience and, using these prototypes, communicate information and design intent clearly to your clients with this realistic and reliable decision making tool.

Theia-RT quick facts

  • Real light and material representation
  • 3D, CAD, PLM & PDM connection
  • Real-time technology
  • CPU & GPU based
  • Scalability: Deployable on mobile devices, multiple screen systems and virtual reality centers
  • Oculus and Virtual Reality center compatibility
  • OMS2 and OPTIS Library of measured materials and light sources integration
  • AMD, Intel & NVidia compatibility 

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